The Two Magics. Vol. 1

Produced by Paul Gala and Ewan Pearson

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"Hunter As A Horse play brilliant electro-pop, addictive and contemplative... they are a hot ticket for the future."
Time Out Paris

"Bringing to mind the mesmerising atmospherics of Lamb and Zero 7. Dark, and very lovely indeed."
The Guardian

"One of my favourite favourite bands..."
Simon Raymonde, Bella Union/Amazing Radio


A haunting, psychedelic synth-infused journey filled with stories of wolves, spirits and a first kiss shared in the woods, "The Two Magics”, is a powerful debut EP from Hunter As a Horse. 

The sound is distinctly their own - a surprisingly comfortable blend of folk, disco and pop with dark cinematic leanings.

Co-produced by Ewan Pearson, the release is the result of a year-long self-imposed exile from London to rural Italy. The band, who also wrote and produced Nina’s breakout hits “We Are the Wild Ones” and “My Mistake”, moved south to “channel the gods of dark cinematic Italo disco”. 

They built a studio an the old farmhouse house in Tuscany, previously owned by the local sorcerer “il terzo occhio” (he who has the third eye), and began writing and honing their sound in earnest. 

“We wanted to cut ties with the influences of the city and reconnect with nature in order to create something deeply honest and fearless. Where better than in the mountains of Tuscany. There’s a strong tradition of art and music in these hills” said Mia, the band’s vocalist and guitarist.

The band cite influences as diverse as Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix, Lali Puna and Johnny Cash, “anything arpeggiated” and of course are heavily influenced by Italo and the sounds of the 80s.

Coinciding with the launch of "The Two Magics", Hunter as a Horse, will be embarking on a European tour. The shows, which draw on inspiration from Andy Warhol’s moody lighting of the Velvet Underground, are part of a collaboration with minimalist light artist Radarboy.

Hunter As a Horse are Paul Gala on synths and machines and Mia van Wyk on vocals and guitar.


"Hunter As A Horse’s new single FALLEN LEAVES is a beautiful and dark pop melody that is so alluring and seductive!" (Rating: 5/5)
Nerdy Frames

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"It’s indisputably great stuff, and unlike anything else you’ll hear right now: watch out for these guys."

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